Wealth and the abundance of possessions is a test of God


Negative AdmonitionGuard yourself against greed, the selfish use of wealth.


 – Wealth and great possessions have no value to God.        

 – Our lives and all of our possessions are simply a loan from God, so invest well.

 – In the Judgment, we will have to answer for our lives and how we used our possessions to honor God. The more possessions we accumulate and the less we honor God with them, the more we will have to answer for in the Judgment.

Positive AdmonitionDo not be anxious about possessions, not even daily needs like: food, clothes and shelter, instead seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness. 


– God will give you provisions in this life.

– You will be able to give freely to others.

– God will give you divine provisions in the life to come.

Luke 12:35-48

Wealth and possessions are not inherently wrong or bad

The issue is how does one “use” wealth. 

The Rule of Wealth – The faithful use of earthly wealth for the Kingdom of God will be rewarded with true wealth in the coming Kingdom.

The Corollary –  But the one who uses his earthly wealth in this world cannot serve both himself and God at the same time.

Luke 16