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Slaves-of-God and End Times

Sooner or later every Follower-of-Jesus becomes fascinated with End Times. For some of us the fascination lasts a season. For others the fascination lasts a lifetime. There are many, many “definitive” books on the subject. They are all different of course. With no accepted agreement, the experts are divided over the Millennium, the Rapture, and the Tribulation, as well as, issues like the future of Israel, the role of the Church, and the Judgment. Interesting as these issues may be, what if any impact should they have on our daily lives? What amongst all of these controversies does the slave-of-God need to be mindful of? Three things are clear. The fourth is greatly disputed. 


The Second Coming

Jesus Christ is coming again, and this time He comes as Lord of Lords and King of Kings, who will establish his reign over the Earth.


The Time of the Second Coming is a Mystery

No man knows the time of the Second Coming. Jesus said that he will come like a thief in the night. So our Lord bids us to be prepared and to faithfully watchful for his return. And when the Lord does come, his coming will be very clear and without doubt to all the people of the world.


Final Judgment

As a result of the Second Coming, all people, both the living and the dead, will be judged by the Triune God. The judgment, whether this involves one or separate judgments, will be to the benefit of the Followers-of-Jesus and will be to the destruction of those who are not. The Followers-of-Jesus will be judged on how they have used the time and the resources given them to serve their master.


The World at the Time of the Second Coming 

The fourth issue is greatly disputed. What will the world look like before the Second Coming? Will the Lord return when human government has created a near perfect society following the teachings of Christ, or will the Lord return during a time of world chaos and rebellion like in the Days of Noah?



Slaves-of-God should always be mindful of the Second Coming of Christ as Lord and King to judge the living and the dead. We do not know when our Lord will come again, so he bids us to be vigilant and to keep watch, wisely using the resources and assets that he has entrusted to us. For we are people who must give an account of our actions at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Will the world be a better place ready for the King of Kings when He returns, or will the world look like the Days of Noah before the Flood? Under the first option, slaves-of-God might work with the leaders and politicians of this world to better mankind through godly laws and government. Under the second option, the slaves-of-God would submit to the leaders and politicians of this world, but use the resources and assets entrusted to them by the Lord in a wiser manner.

The challenge, for those who believe the Lord will come when human government has made the world a more godly place, is that they cannot serve two masters.

Whatever your conviction on this last point, slaves-of-God must always strive to do the will of the Father.

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