Dealing with Sin



Jesus Commands a Three-Step Process


Step 1

If someone sins against you, show him his sin, and seek his confession and repentance.       

Matthew 18, Luke 17:3  

You have a duty to help a person who has sinned against you to admit their wrong and to repent of it.


Step 2

If you have sinned against someone, repent and apologize to that person.

Matthew 5:21-26, 18:15-17, Luke17:3-4

You have a duty to repent and to apologize.

There are serious consequences for not repenting and apologizing.


Step 3

If someone hurts you and then apologizes and repents, you must always forgive him.

Matthew 18:21-35, Luke 17:3-10

You have duty to forgive. 

Forgiveness is not a matter of faith.

You must always forgive.

There is no limit to the number of times you must forgive a brother.

You must forgive with a full heart. (No qualifiers)

There are serious consequences if you do not forgive.