Community Life

What should a Community of the Followers-of-Jesus look like?


“An Authentic Community of Believers.”

“A Transformational Community Life.”

We do not need a seminar or specially trained mentors in order to move us into an “intentional community life narrative that is authentic or transformational.”  The teaching of Lord Jesus on this subject is simple and straight forward. Setting aside all of the “Christian slang” and the “generational buzzwords,” Jesus taught his followers to pursue four outward behaviors and four inward heart attitudes.  If we follow this teaching, then our individual lives and our community of fellow believers will be irresistible.

Four Outward BehaviorsLuke 6:26-38

  • Love everyone, even your enemies

  • Do good to all, even those who hate you

  • Give true gifts to anyone who asks, without expectation of return, no strings attached

  • Forgive freely, always forgive


Four Inward Heart AttitudesLuke 6:39-49

  • Beware of spiritual blindness, seek trustworthy guidance

  • Do not be hypocritcal, examine yourself first, do not criticize others

  • Examine your heart, for what is in your heart is manifested in your actions

  • Commit yourself to obeying God’s Word, then you will not act foolishly


What would a community of believers look like if everyone practiced these four outward behaviors and four inward heart attitudes?

Such a community would look like the community of believers found in Acts Chapter 2.

But closer to home, if you ask a person who became a believer as an adult to describe the believer or the group of believers that had an impact on his or her life when first saved, almost certainly they will describe a person or a group of people that exhibited the behaviors and the heart attitudes described by Jesus in Luke Chapter 6.

Can you imagine if everyone in our local church followed this teaching of Jesus?  Our seats would be filled to overflowing.