Being Wise – The Wisdom of Proverbs

The Basis of Wisdom

The Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom and understanding.

Through Fear of the LORD, a man avoids evil.

Wisdom comes to those who pay attention to godly instruction.

Wisdom – “skill in godly living.”

Fear of the Lord – ” deep-seated reverence for God and awe in the recognition of who He is, especially His holiness and sovereignty” 

Purpose of Proverbs – “The development of a skillful and spiritual approach to living which is based upon a faith-relationship with the LORD.”

Wisdom from Observing People and the Consequences of Their Actions


The two great temptations that a young man should avoid are:

  • trying to get a head in this world by exploiting others, and

  • giving into sexual immorality outside of marriage.

Diligence and hard work are preferred over laziness.

Discipline is preferred over foolishness.

Discipline yourself and your children.

Wealth is often the result of righteousness.

Poverty is often the result of wickedness.

Honesty, justice, and righteousness in a man are to be praised.

The proud, the arrogant, and the fool will be destroyed.

You can avoid much trouble in life by watching your tongue.

All of which applies to both men and women.


The Slaves-of-God are called to Fear the LORD, and if they do, they will become wise and avoid evil.  The Book of Proverbs is deep and many layered.  Proverbs presents the accumulated wisdom of many godly men, who both feared the LORD and observed people and the consequences of their actions.  The Slave-of-God would be wise to study the Book of Proverbs as it can provide guidance and insight in to almost all of life’s situations.