3 – I don’t want to be a slave!


You are a slave; the only question is whose slave are you?


Born is the USA! I am free!! I am slave to no man!!!

Well, not exactly, actually we are all slaves to something.

As to unsaved people, Paul tells the Romans in Chapter 1:18-32 that those who do not know God, who do not honor God, and who do not give thanks to him have become futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts are darkened. According to Paul, their minds are clouded, and their understanding is darkened, so that they do not fully realize that they are slaves to sin. See Ephesians 4:17-19. So their “illusion” to being free is because they are living in the matrix of sin. Paul goes on to say in Romans 7:7-25 that even if an unsaved person was aware that he was a slave to sin, there is nothing he could do about it because he is a slave; slaves are bound and cannot free themselves.

As to believers in Christ, Paul writes in Romans 6:1-23 that once a saved person is free from sin, he has a choice; he can either become a Slave-of-God and righteousness or go back to sin. Paul commands Christians to present their bodies as slaves to righteousness that leads to sanctification.

The sad truth is that you are a slave. Now you may say that you are still not persuaded. You may think that if you are free from being a slave to sin that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be a Slave-of-God. Paul addresses that issue in Chapter 6 of Romans. The harsh reality is that we are all slaves to something, but saved people have a choice as to whom they will serve as slaves. And if you do not choose to be a Slave-of-God, your flesh will always take you back to being a slave to sin and to doing the sinful things.

Essentially Paul is teaching that if you are not actively serving God and presenting yourself as a slave to him, then you will fall back into being subservient to sin, a slave to sin. According to Ephesians 4:20-32, even saved people can live in futile sinful ways with their minds and understandings darkened by sin. Paul proceeds to give a whole list of ways that will allow a saved person who has fallen back into sin to renew his mind, to put off his old sinful ways, and to put on the new-self created after the likeness of God. In other words Paul instructs them how to quit being a Slave-of-Sin and instead become a Slave-of-God. Apparently, there is no third option.


Discussion Questions:

1. Do you have freedom of choice; can you choose not to be a slave?
Romans 6:16.

2. Why do saved people still sometimes sin?

3. Reading Romans 6:11-19 and Ephesians 4:22-32, what are some ways to stop being a Slave-to-Sin and instead become a Slave-to-Righteousness?

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